Anticipating the First Day of School? Your Teacher Is, Too

A bulletin board with the message "Begin with the end in mind," complete with a graduation cap and program, honors cords and scarf

And she wants an ideal year — just like you

This week’s blog post will take you out of my personal blog site to, where I usually cross-post what I write here first. I had to do it in reverse this week because I wrote this week’s blog for the Medium Writers Challenge. The contest rules required me to post original content there.

My post is on the topic “reentry.” I chose to write about that reentry to school — from a teacher’s perspective. Mine. Formerly, I taught middle school and high school, algebra and English. Though I had summers “off,” I always spent them revamping and tweaking my curriculum in hopes I’d finally perfect what I would do in the classroom.

Perfect never came. Hope never left.

I hope you’ll follow this link to read my story on the site. If you’re a member there, please clap (50 times!), highlight, and respond to my post on Medium. If you’re not a member on, you can become one for free. Either way, I’m providing a “friend link,” so you’ll be able to read it.

Who knows? Your attention could help the judges appreciate me a bit more. 🙂

As always, thank you, Dear Friend, for taking the time to read.

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