Santa’s helper needs some attention, apparently

On the outside, I sported a conservative, black wool coat, black tights and ankle boots with a red scarf — and a Santa cap jauntily angled atop my head. I wasn’t purposely hiding my elf dress. In fact, I was slightly disappointed by my reflection in the mirror as I left the women’s locker room this morning because my elf sweater dress was hidden. (And the bells stitched to it were muffled by the wool coat.)

Apparently, I made an impression anyway.

“That’s the spirit,” a man heading into the gym told me as he passed near me in the parking lot. “Nice outfit for the holidays.”

“Thanks,” I responded to this perfect stranger as I opened my coat. “I’ve got an elf dress underneath.”

“Wow! Even nicer,” he said.

It didn’t occur to me that my action might be misinterpreted until I showed a colleague the outfit upon entering work. He burst into laughter. My friend Dawn simply yelled, “Flasher!”

That’s all I have to say about that.

And the bells have been music to my ears (and everyone else’s) as I’ve walked the halls today.

The “Are you wearing your elf dress today?” followed by “Are you also bringing an alternate outfit?” from my husband before I left this morning makes more sense now.

Merry Christmas. This elf needed some attention today, apparently.

P.S. That was Wednesday of last week. Today I walked into a meeting and was greeted with “What? No red and green dress today? I’m disappointed.” Apparently, I’ve been wearing a lot of festive attire in addition to my elf dress, and I haven’t even worn my Santa sweater yet.

P.P.S. Everyone loved my dress — even the bells. It must, it will have a repeat performance. The dress, not the whole wool coat “reveal” thing.

P.P.P.S. Elf is the new business casual.


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