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Actually, I was holding the pitchfork, and I wasn't smiling...
Reflections of my life through blogging….

This page is a work in progress… I know playing favorites is frowned upon in both raising children at home and students in the classroom, but in blogging? Certainly, it must be acceptable. The funny thing about blogging is that sometimes I post writings that I’m pretty certain should change the world — or at least go viral — and then they attract just a few readers (or at least what is evident to me via the stats, which some days I’m fairly sure are inaccurate). Sometimes I am right — what impacts me seems to impact others. Other times I write blogs that are just my life at the moment that I think are plain vanilla or blogs that I am nearly afraid — but somehow compelled — to post because they expose a not-so-nice side of myself, and I have a deluge of people reading and commenting because it touched their heart in some way. So I may be wrong in selecting blog posts that are my favorites because they may not be your favorites, but here I go anyway… Feel free to suggest titles I should include.

Posts About Me

No greater loss to be feared:  The death of my first husband was definitely traumatic, but it helped me to trust in a big God.

The sequel:  God definitely makes beautiful stories of our lives. Truly, sorrow lasts for a night (or 600 nights!) but joy comes in the morning.

A mere nineteen years ago: The love story I share with my husband… sweet and funny.

Posts About My God

By the dawn’s early light:  My special “God moment” at the beach as I experienced the rising of the sun.

No longer worrying that it could happen to me: My worries about “catching” my mom’s dementia intertwined with the story of Job. Insightful.

Take my life and let it be like a Coca Cola C.E.O. for Thee: Comparing my itty bitty evangelical life to something bigger and more effective.

Posts About My View of the World

Redefining normal:  My experience with a wayward speedometer is a bit too much like our world.

Toward something better:  A look at the world through a biblical worldview made me determined to be different.

The more we pretend to read: I am concerned by the lack of real, deep reading and what that means for our real, deep lives.

Posts About the Joys of Family and Teaching

Last lasts:  Family life is like the weather in Florida… if you don’t like it, hang around for awhile; it’s going to change.

Driving Miss Crazy: Even though I had trained four other children to drive, this last one was driving me crazy.

Mom for a week: In December 2012, I had the privilege of mothering my mother, who is suffering from severe dementia, for a week at Christmas.

Mom’s move to memory care: In September 2013, my siblings and I made the difficult — and right — decision to move my mom to a memory care facility.

At a loss for words: It was just a 20-minute phone call with my mother.

Why I teach: As I contemplated leaving the teaching profession, I took the time to profess exactly why I teach…

Text me if you’re dying: Praying for one more day to make a difference…

I love you more: A tender look at the love between a mother and a son, specifically me and my youngest child.

Saying goodbye to a colleague: For some reason, this post gets lots of views, though I intended it for one, dear friend.

Humorous Posts

When the day’s trouble is 6’3″: A moment in time with my 17-year-old via texting.

Do you ever do dumb things?: A couple of forget-me-nots were forgotten in church. Oops.

When did I become an old fogie?: Waiting in the dark for my colleague to awaken for the day.

The Chronicles of Marmia: When I and my colleagues traveled to Dallas for an education convention, I chose to chronicle my experiences as a schoolmarm. This link takes you to Day One, but, wait, there’s more! Day Two, Day Three, and Day Four.

The Hunger Games: Jury version: I have to admit, I thought it was a clever idea and went with it.

(Actually, most of my posts are somewhat funny; maybe you should click on “humor” in the tag cloud on the home page.)

2 thoughts on “My Favorites

    1. Thanks. Today I would like to feel like a genius, so I won’t offer a rebuttal… but on another day, I would just have to say I wanted to make sure people saw my best writings…. or what I thought was my best. It didn’t feel like genius material, and it doesn’t seem to get much traffic. 🙂 Glad you checked it out!


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