Here’s Why My Blog Site Looks So Different (and You’re Welcome)

First, if you’re looking for All Things Work Together, you’re in the right place. If you prefer the old, simple blog site, you can select the Blog tab in the menu above and head straight for that listing of posts, newest to oldest. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

But if you’ve always wondered what I’ve been doing for the past decade here on this blog, well, it hasn’t been determining what a better website design might do for you. I was simply writing content and hoping you could find your way around my blog to find it.

No more! Well, that’s a lie. I will write. I will hope. But I want more — for you.

I blame Nadia. A couple of months ago, I visited this faithful friend and reader and admitted I was struggling with “my blog’s purpose” and bigger life questions — if a blog can ask such things. And when I told her I had published more than 500 posts here — stories I still like, mind you — she was shocked. (Not that I liked them, of course.)

But shocked because she had no idea I had so much content here. Content that might lighten your load, brighten your smile, and hit you upside the head with emotion so strong you have to pull your car onto the side of the road to compose yourself. (But why are you reading while driving, anyway?)

Right now, my redesign is imperfect and under construction and, likely, not overly helpful. Maybe marginally more helpful than it was prior to this afternoon when I pulled the plug on my old design and frantically built a home page with all the necessities. (It will be better tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that.)

And maybe one day this website will host a page where I feature my first book. Or second book.

You may have noticed I’ve changed the branding from strictly All Things Work Together, my blog, to a Sara Dagen logo with both the blog’s logo and my podcast, Sara’s Shorts. You can access episodes on my podcast page (and then you’ll have a reason for needing to compose yourself while driving).

But for now, know that the parenthetical “You’re Welcome” in my title has two meanings. If you’re thankful for the website redesign, you are welcome. If you’re new here, well, you’re welcome any time. I hope you make this a regular thing.

Meanwhile, my imperfect blog site is under construction (and it’s definitely a DIY project), so you might have to thank me later. But the goal is accessibility, functionality, and a beautiful place to grow with online friends.

Thank you for being here!


P.S. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about because you just landed on this page and didn’t visit the home page, well, go check it out:

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