Podcast With Sara Dagen: The Power of a Good Question

Which might have been, ‘Would you do a podcast with me?’ (I said, ‘Yes!’ and this is the result)

Since I discovered FlourishWriters in November, I have been listening to podcasts of numerous speakers featured in the FlourishWriters conferences as well as interviews or instruction by Jenny Kochert and Mindy Kiker, the two founders and leaders.

In one of our first online meetings for the FlourishWriters Academy, I discovered that Mindy lives in my hometown! While we have many friends in common (I even know her parents!), she and I had never met. One Saturday, she graciously invited me to her house to walk. Four hours later, I pulled out of her driveway feeling I had made a new friend.

After she heard my story, Mindy asked if I would do a podcast and tell it.

This is how FlourishWriters advertised the podcast:

Need a reminder of the importance of vision & goals? Enjoy this episode of the Emerging Authors Series with Sara Dagen, a newspaper reporter turned novelist … at least that’s her plan.

In this conversation, you’ll learn:

  • How a question in the Writer’s Life Planning Guide helped Sara see a hidden lie lodged in her heart many years before—uncovering this lie released fresh energy into her writing goals.
  • How summoning the courage to write about her trauma for the newspaper altered the course of her life.
  • The power of writing goals, even though she’s not a natural planner.
  • How she found a fellow student in the FlourishWriters Academy who holds her accountable to actually do her weekly action steps.

In every episode of the Emerging Authors Series, we take you behind the scenes with working writers to deep dive and uncover the how-to of their writing process.

You can listen to that interview here:

If listening to podcasts or audio isn’t your thing, I can provide you the transcript for your reading pleasure. Just send me an email at [email protected] and request it.

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