Hello, my name is Sara, and it has been 24 days since my last blog post.

Life as I know it has been busier than usual, and blogging — my usual go-to in any free time or lunch time or moments I can steal before I’m on the clock at work time — has been forsaken. Today I have a few quiet moments in which I can think, perhaps write, and my hope is that this hiatus from blogging will be my “bye” — not a “it’s been nice knowing you” goodbye but a “bye” such as a sports team would have when it moves on to the next tournament level without having to perform or beat an opponent to get there.

Could my writing get better without practice? Could it, perhaps, move to the next level as I explore all these pent-up ideas that have been stifled by not blogging through the past weeks’ busyness?

Having gotten out of the habit of blogging, however, makes it hard to begin again. Whatever did I find worthy of writing? What did my readers prefer to read? Is blogging just a process of writing what I think? Writing about my experiences? Teaching a deeper spiritual lesson? Drawing a smile on the reader’s face? Do I do it for my readers’ benefit or for me or for God Himself?

It is easier when I am continually blogging, wherein the process is a normal progression of my thoughts and experiences and often a lesson God is teaching me through them. Blogging then seems an essential, a way of exploring, a way of reminiscing, a way of recording or reflecting. I do it as a natural extension of me and my life, and the value of doing it — at once for my readers, for me, and for the God whom I serve — is intrinsic in the writing, not a forced thought or action. I do it because I desire to do so. Writing makes my heart full. A full heart makes me write. Once I stop — whatever the reason — it seems harder to begin again.

But it is also harder to think, to reflect, to record, to respond fully to the lessons God is teaching me.

And so I write again.

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