Why I should thank Snickers®…

Dear Snickers®,

Thank you for helping me to say “I’m sorry.” You have been my favorite “go to” candy bar since I was a little girl, and now I love you even more.

This Christmas season — actually, from Halloween till the candy ran out mid-January — the reception desk at my workplace hosted a candy dish, and it almost always contained small Snickers® bars. Without even mentioning the old commercial (embedded below), I would tell the receptionist I was “having a Betty White moment” and dig through the dish to find a Snickers® and return to work. Of course, I never actually had a Betty White moment — maybe because I fended them off with Snickers® before they could occur, I now realize.

The receptionist and I began to joke about our “Betty White moments” and lamented the removal of the candy dish just prior to a fitness challenge at work. (I’m sure the two events were not related; the candy supply simply ended.) We went through Snickers® withdrawal and talked about getting our own secret stash but failed to do so.

Today, work was so busy that I didn’t take a lunch break until after a true Betty White moment revealed your slogan — “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” A co-worker simply added yet another task to my already too large list, and I, well, wasn’t my usual “yes ma’am” self. I balked. I questioned. And I could tell by the expression on the woman’s face that I wasn’t myself. I wasn’t Betty White, exactly; I think I was more like a bullying football player.

It was nearly 2 p.m. I heated and ate my lunch — and then went to apologize. All I had to say was “I was having a Betty White moment.” My co-worker understood completely. That phrase — because of your iconic commercial — has universal understanding. It opened the door to my real apology and smoothed any ruffled feathers.

So for that reason, beloved Snickers®, I thank you. And because I know those Betty White moments threaten, I will consider that secret stash of Snickers® a necessity.


Sara (since I am me when I am not hungry)

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