An office of one’s own…

I have always wanted my own office — at home or at work. But until today, that never happened.

I have had my own classroom — which isn’t the same. Students seem to think it is their classroom and encroach on my personal space. The school seems to think it is its classroom and schedules classes I don’t teach or meetings I don’t lead, keeping it full of people and keeping me out. It was not like having an office of my own.

Last year, I had a role in the administration at my school and shared an office with a fellow administrator — which we also shared for a variety of small meetings, as it had a table and six chairs in addition to a desk. Since I shared the space with the principal, she often used the space for conferencing with unruly students or parents. Sometimes I would begin work in the office, get all my materials spread out just so, leave for a moment — and return to find the door closed and myself not only sans office but also sans belongings. It was not a true office.

Two years ago, after one of my older sons moved from our house, we decided to remodel his bedroom into a combination office, workout space, and guest room. Since we rarely have guests and are quite good at ignoring workout equipment, I thought I would finally have an office.

2014-11-26 05.28.42
My home office…


Until my husband began looking for a flat-screen TV… at which point this “office combo” space became “the den” and, likewise, the most popular room in the house. It is not a true office.

The den... which contains a not-so-private office space.
The den… which contains a not-so-private office space.

In June this year, I quit teaching and began working at a tech transfer office. And today I have arrived. I have my own office.

Eight cubicles all to myself because the "fellows" (interns) have left for the holiday.
Eight cubicles all to myself because the “fellows” (interns) have left for the holiday. (Mine is the less-dusty one with the beautiful orchid.)

I even have my own hallway and bathroom (because every girl needs five stalls, right?).

2014-11-26 07.42.34 2014-11-26 07.44.17


And all because it is the day before Thanksgiving and most of my fellow employees have taken the day off. Not me! I’m wearing jeans and Crocs (because my boss said I could) and working in an office that is mine, all mine, mine alone — at least for today. A cubicle among cubicles.

It’s kind of lonely.

2014-11-26 08.23.55

4 thoughts on “An office of one’s own…

  1. They say that the kings, queens, the rich, the famous, all feel lonely quite often. I guess that’s the price they have to pay. I guess it’s no different even when you’re the queen of your own office:). But congrats! A personal office is simply awesome. BTW I love your home office even more.

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    1. Ah, well, I guess I am queen for the day here at work — and then I can feel sorry for all the lonely royalty and the rich and famous when I return to a full office on Monday. (Thanks, I like my home office too, even though it functions more as a den than a workspace. Since I’m not teaching anymore and have a job I can’t take home with me, I don’t need the home office quite as much…. except for blogging and shopping! 🙂 )


    1. At one point, many years ago, both older sons had moved away, and I made their bedroom our homeschool room (a big desk for me, a smaller desk for my children to use). Then one of those sons came home; I clung to that space even then, using bookcases to divide the room into office and bedroom, but it wasn’t a comfortable divide. I have been searching for that special space for awhile, and I have to admit that lonely is especially helpful for a technical editor today. Lonely = focused = getting quality work done without interruptions. I can totally relate to your bedroom/laundry room/office situation. Thanks for commenting! 🙂


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