Fat pants, cat lap…

Several weeks ago, I titled this post “Fat pants, cat lap…” because my cat was making me feel fat. But I never wrote it. (I guess pride occasionally takes ownership over my typing fingers.) But this is my story, and I’m finally owning it:

Rather than be content to cuddle in my lap when I was sitting or snuggle against my legs while I lay sleeping, she began seeking, apparently, something softer and more comfortable than my mattress: namely, my stomach or thigh. If I went to sleep or even reclined in bed while watching the news, she would make her way onto one of my “softer” spots, knead her claws in that disconcerting way that cats do, follow her tail in a circle until she found the right position, and then plop herself down for a long spring’s nap. Granted, she was likely strengthening her core while trying to remain balanced as she perched on my thigh, but I don’t think fitness was her goal.

I think she wanted comfort, and she didn’t mind demolishing my self esteem to get it. Now, if my “fat pants” (the ones I consider my boundary line, as in “do not allow allow your rear-end to trespass beyond this size”) were not also feeling a bit tight, I might have said my cat was seeking heat.

Alas, in Algebra this would look like this: x + x = 2 strikes against me; so 2x = 2; and x =1 fat girl).

Add to that my dentist appointment, wherein I had to confess to tooth pain that I was rather certain came from a recent bout of candy-eating, and I determined that enough was enough. I needed to stop the sugar binges and lose some weight.

Thus began my monthlong (so far) “diet” plan, which consists of avoiding wheat and gluten and most things sugar. Yesterday, I got on the scale and realized I had broken the ## barrier (no, I am not telling you my actual weight nor my age; I am a woman, after all), 10 pounds less than a month ago and within four pounds of my official Weight Watchers goal weight. (All without journaling–unless you count this blog post.)

My fat pants are loose and my teeth no longer hurt. But my cat still finds my belly and thigh soft enough for sleep.


2 thoughts on “Fat pants, cat lap…

  1. 1. You are not FAT! I can say that with certainty now–we’ve met F2F. 🙂
    2. After I lost all the weight recently due to the gall bladder illness and subsequent surgery, I’ve noticed the back of my arms flapping against my side when I’m blow drying my hair. Sigh.

    Congratulations on a healthier lifestyle and the weight loss!


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