Update on Freaky Friday…

Yes, this is my speedometer Friday night as I cruised (hesitantly) over the river and through the woods to my own house... after I hit (and most likely killed) a suicidal rabbit.

As I declared then, and continue to believe, I was the victim here, not the rabbit. I was merely its tool for suicide; I was traumatized emotionally AND had to deal with the damage it inflicted on my van (see my Freaky Friday post for details).

My ever-sympathetic son (I did mention that sarcasm was my love language, right?) shot the photo once we contacted my friend Kirk, who caught up and acted as my pace car for the rest of the freaky drive home. (I was actually going about 60 here, I think…)

See my “Freaky Friday” post for details!

3 thoughts on “Update on Freaky Friday…

  1. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the $$ to fix the speedometer isn’t too much. A deer ran into my car last spring (literally ran because I was at a dead stop)…..and it was crazy $$ to have my headlight fixed and hood straightened. Hope your daughter is on the mend. What a story!!!!!!


    1. Thanks, Jenny! My daughter had a rough night last night and has been debating the return to the ER, but as the day progresses, so seems her recovery, so that is good. And as I continue to pray for her health, my car seems to be getting incrementally back to normal. Down to 15 mph above normal this morning as I left for church, then down to 5 mph when I left church, then down to 0 mph… I’m hoping God has healed it! 🙂


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