FAT enough?

image of a woman's stomach wrapped in a measuring tape. she is wearing a white pair of shorts below the belly button and a white sports bra.

So a few days ago, I got an email (not personal, mind you, at least I don’t think so…) from my health club, informing me of a talk being given today by Dr. Ellington Darden about his X-Force weight-loss study. (The main center of the health club has been all astir about the new X-Force machines that have been added this week.)

As per the email, “At the end of his presentation, 56 subjects will be selected to participate in his groundbreaking study!” (I continued reading and learned that 56 overfat people will be selected–and I found myself hoping that I was fat enough to be chosen!)

Then I clicked on the link provided to see this:

All good except the photo in a bathing suit…

And I thought to myself: I can be available; I’m in good health; I can make myself free for the workouts; I’ve done a strict diet once or twice for a day or two–how hard can six supervised weeks be?; a gallon of water a day (dolled up with coffee or tea?), no problem;  and meetings–new friends!–are fun…

But the last two requirements gave me pause: Having someone not only measure my fat percentage but also photograph full-body portraits of me in a bathing suit? Um, no. And then allow someone to publish those results in books, videos (I am SO not photogenic!), and marketing materials. No, thanks; I’d rather expose myself in words right here (apparently).

Even so, as I left the health club this afternoon, I spotted Mr. Darden coming in the door, and I said to my husband, “There’s the speaker! I think I’ll run over to ask him if he thinks I’m fat enough to make it into the study.” (I was still waffling in my decision; if it were a sure thing I was fat enough, I would suffer through the humiliation.)

My husband’s response: “I’ll wait.”

(Hmmm… I have mixed feelings about that.)

Chicken that I am, I didn’t corner Mr. Darden but rather humbly followed my husband out the door, into the car, and to the Chinese restaurant.

Just now, I glanced at the before/after photos on Mr. Darden’s site, and the “before” photos did not depict the extra-large people I had envisioned I’d have to be to be selected.

I can’t say I’m proud of this, but Mr. Darden so would have picked me…

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