460 Kid-Friendly Jokes to Break the Tension and Lighten Their Mood

And adults will like it, too!

From time to time, I review a book for a publishing company, because my opinion matters — to you, at least. This time, it’s a joke book, You’re Joking Me: Jokes for Kids by a Kid, written by a 6th grader, William Daniel.

That’s William Daniel, not William Daniels, the actor. (This William’s a bit younger.)

If you want clean humor for your young person — funny enough to make you, the adult, laugh, too — you should check out William’s book loaded with more than 450 original one-liners, knock-knock jokes, puns, and riddles.

You can see a sampling in the image above. Here’s another:

Q. Did you hear about the argument between the elevator and the building?

A. It escalated quickly.

I love the backstory behind this book shared in Newsweek. In a world in which humor is often dark, inappropriate, and often at someone else’s expense, William decided to provide an alternative. He wants to put clean, wholesome smiles on people’s faces, and his jokes do that for people of all ages.

William’s a funny kid. In addition to the Newsweek article, his jokes have landed him TV interviews (such as this one from Colorado Springs) and a comedy club appearance where he presented his jokes and met the mayor. In other words, he lives what he writes — and he’s so good others invite him to share his gift.

His gift at telling jokes — in the form of a book, of course — would make a great birthday gift (shhh! don’t tell my grandson). Keep it in the car, on the table where you do schoolwork, or in your home “library” (the bathroom) for quick doses of humor interspersed through the day.

Math lesson getting rough? Diffuse the situation by laughing together at William’s jokes.

I think this is my favorite:

Q. What makes music in your head?

A. A headband.

Now go purchase William’s book! (The link I’ve provided is an affiliate link, meaning if you purchase through using it, I’ll get a little coin from Amazon, which helps pay for blog hosting, etc.)

I’ve got one book to give away to a random follower. Submit your information here by midnight EST February 14.

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