The day after…

I awakened this morning before my alarm, but I didn’t start writing a blog post in my head or on my keyboard. Instead, I promptly (accidentally) dumped my husband’s cooler filled with melted ice all over the kitchen and had an impromptu floor-cleaning session. Even while I was cleaning,  however, my mind didn’t try to piece words and phrases together.

Instead of swimming or spinning this morning, I decided to walk (quite fast) with two friends. As we walked the dark sidewalks and roads, I didn’t reflect on life or consider a topic for today’s blog post. I listened to two women chatter about people and places and things I didn’t know. I listened, but I didn’t particularly care.

“I’m just along for the ride,” I told them.

When I got to work only 15 minutes early instead of my November routine of 30 minutes so I could write, I did call up my blog site and a post I’d begun months ago and idly added a word here or changed a tense there.

nablopomo is over blueBut the impetus to get a blog post completed and published today is gone. NaBloPoMo was so last month… at least for me.

I walked at lunch with a friend and then spent the second half hour sitting at the kitchen table rather than my desk. Dine at desk November is over. But after I breezed through a little Facebook as I ate my salad, I chose to look for blogging tips on my smartphone. I found a blogger with ideas that sounded interesting, signed up for a  free 12-day course that promises to help me develop my blogging skills, and got inspired all over again.

NaBloPoMo may be over, but the spark it lit burns still. I write.

5 thoughts on “The day after…

  1. Hi, Sarah! You know, it was weird for me today, without ‘having’ to write for NaBloPoMo … I kept thinking there’s something I need to do, then remember November is gone and so is the challenge. It is just so ingrained to write every day I miss it when I don’t! 🙂


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