The Lesson From the Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree I’d chosen,
Not quite what Charlie Brown bought,
But now I’d waited too long
And found just empty tree lots.
The fake trees stores were selling
Were what I thought too pricey,
But clearance at a Walgreens
Had one that would do nicely.

Though short, ’twas inexpensive,
And promised “pre-lit” branches.
So hopeful, I unboxed it.
“Pre-lit” gave no advantage.
A simple strand of white lights
Was wrapped around each cluster.
Much less than I expected,
My purchase lost its luster.

Though ornaments enhanced it
And made it look quite pretty,
“A bush?” my husband questioned
And thought himself quite witty.
I gave the tree a footstool
To boost it up to tree height.
I stand the tree there yearly,
The clearance “bush” we both like.

As years did pass, the lights failed,
So I unwrapped, removed them.
I added many new strands,
Thought they’d outshine the old ones.
It seemed the tree absorbed light
Within its inner being
For even though I added
It seemed less I was seeing.

I’d wrapped the inner branches
With strands of warm white minis,
Then added strands of colors,
My box of lights I emptied.
Then when the tree seemed all filled
The lights began to dazzle.
The tree became a picture,
My life when it’s God’s castle.

See, I must let Him wrap me
With loving light internal
For when I’m filled with His love
I glow with joy external.
They say a tree is known by
The kind of fruit it’s bearing
I think a Christmas tree’s known
By light that it is sharing.

Out of its overflowing,
The heart does speak, it’s written
Out of its overfilling,
My tree displays what’s given.
May I be like my lit tree
Showcasing God’s bright lovelight,
For it is He who fills me
With hope and joy and His life.

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