I’m taking the challenge–a day late!

I'm giving it a try!
I’m giving it a try!

I’m a day late and a dollar short, as the saying goes, but I am taking the plunge. I’m joining the National Blog Posting Month challenge for November. The goal is a post a day every day this month–but I didn’t find out about it until this morning… so I am joining in now and attempting a post a day every day from November 2-30.

It will be a challenge, as even posting weekly has been difficult of late.

One of my students asked me yesterday if I was joining the national novel writing challenge for November—something else I never knew existed. I was curious—because, of course, I am still planning (while not planning, actually, but just admiring others’ work) on writing a novel that will change the world. But the thought of writing 1000 words a day on some random novel I have yet to conceive and not being able to tidy up my copy as I go doesn’t seem fathomable—at least this year. My student is taking that plunge. (I hope he saves some words for those essays I will be assigning.)

This morning, I logged onto my WordPress account because I had planned on finishing a masterpiece post I had begun a week ago but didn’t finish (see—difficulty even in posting weekly). When I came across the information about NaBloPoMo, I thought, “Now, that’s something I can do.”

I’m not required to write my usual 500+ word posts. In fact, the challenge includes breaking out of our blogging normal—perhaps featuring short pieces, random thoughts, mere photos (but worth a thousand words, right?), and video. So here I go.

This is Post No. 1. (I feel as if I am cheating.)

And now I will get back to work on that masterpiece I began last week.

For my blog followers, please don’t disown me this month as I flood your inbox with daily posts. I will resume my “about weekly” routine of posting thereafter.

I think.

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